TEN: Nisan 14, A Photo-Journal

The most important day of the year, in photos…

Our group had almost 45 in attendance, in addition to about 90 at the congregation’s Memorial. 135 for a 60 publisher congregation isn’t too bad!

Special pioneers Mark and Sophie, such awesome examples in the ministry

Fabian and Leire, two incredible pioneer partners for me

Izzy is newly baptized, and Destiny is working toward becoming a publisher along with his family

Charity and Destiny, with their three boys Edos, Nosa and Osas (aka Destiny’s Child)

Jon and Maria have been such great friends since I’ve been here. And their Uber service is on point!

My buddies Wisdom and Justice

Our Nigerian sisters turning out for tonight!

The early birds

Getting measured for my Special Talk custom made outfit…

… and here we have it. I got into Nigerian mode for the special talk. Not wearing a tie at the meeting is pretty awesome, not gonna lie!

2 thoughts on “TEN: Nisan 14, A Photo-Journal

  1. So ya gonna try and wear your new duds to our mtg???!!
    Love our brothers and sisters, especially the little ones and babies.
    Give our friends our love


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